Main Project Objective:

  • to establish and sustain after the end of action planned in this project a Food In Eco Network (FoodNet), an EU wide meta-cluster as a long term European Strategic Cluster Partnership-Going International (ESCP-4i) supporting clusters and business network organisations, their SMEs and other cluster members collaborating for innovation, market-uptake, and marketing of competitive products, services and technologies in the field of food and eco-logistics and support SMEs in global competition;

Main Pillars of the Project:

  • Cooperation between SMEs in food market clusters (enhance their capability to be more competitive on the market including developing countries markets);
  • Cooperation between clusters to improve business processes and learn from new business models with an interdisciplinary approach. Food companies will gather the knowledge how to manage their supply-chain processes in more effective way thanks to the cooperation with different clusters. The cooperation will results in building solid partnership and bring added value to the all participants;
  • Eco-management. Network will be also aimed at lowering negative impact on environment. It will be possible by knowledge sharing (soft-skills improvement) and technological potential of SMEs from clusters;
  • Going to the excellence by knowledge –sharing with new market partners. Added value arises not only by getting the knowledge how to manage the processes and cooperate but also by know-how transferred to the developing countries;

Project Specific Objectives:

  • Prepare communication and promotion plan to support development of joint brand and international recognition;
  • Assure the possibilities for knowledge sharing among cluster members by organization of different meetings and raising awareness information campaigns;
  • Perform in-depth review of the food and eco-logistics sectors and its contribution to EU goals;
  • Identify thematic areas, potential collaborative industries, stakeholders in regard the complementarily, compatibility and interest for collaboration in EU and worldwide;
  • Intensify cluster and business network collaboration across borders and sectoral boundaries and to build a partnership among interested clusters and between members of the clusters;
  • Prepare partnership agreement respecting the characteristics of the “European Strategic Cluster Partnerships-Going International” and define common vision, resources/interest available/needed, organisation, common actions, funding options;
  • Officially set-up the ESCP-4i partnership called Food in Eco Network;
  • New value proposition designs and collaborative, cross-sectoral business models;
  • Develop a joint ‘European’ strategic vision and internationalisation plan, including the plan for exploitation of the synergies with the inter-regional activities, marketing and join branding plan;
  • Map international opportunities in third countries;
  • Prepare an implementation roadmap with overview of the joint activities foreseen to be developed with a detailed plan for implementation highlighting the different roles and steps.

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